CSCI 4760/6760: Computer Networks

Spring Semester, 2008

Course Overview

This course is based on the previous course CSCI 6760, which was designed only for the graduate level. This year is the first time that we had a combined network class for both undergrad and graduate levels. This syllabus is still under development; please check the webpage for the latest updates.


This course involves both lecture and projects. The materials include topics of the following two groups: 1). the Internet and its protocols. 2) ongoing research on computer networks, such as router design, peer-to-peer system, network security, wireless network, and network multimedia. All students are expected to read class material before class, participate discussions, and independently finish programming projects.


By the end of class, graduate students are required to have in-depth knowledge about the class material and are required to accomplish more projects than undergraduate students. In this semester, each graduate student will be assigned to an individual demo project.

Course Information

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Instructor:   Kang Li (kangli AT (219A BYOD GSRC)
Instructor Office Hours: Wednesday 3~5 pm
TA: Boseon Byeon (bbyeon AT
TA Office Hours: by email appointment

Class Location: GSRC 208
Time: 11:15--12:05(W)/11:00--12:15(T,TH)


James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross, Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet, Published by Addison Wesley


Recommended Readings:

W. Richard Stevens et. al.   UNIX Network Programming, Published by Addison Wesley

W. Richard Stevens, TCP/IP Illustrated, Vol 1, Published by Addition Wesley

Larry L. Peterson and Bruce S. Davie, Computer Networks: A System Approach, Published by Morgan Kaufmann

Grading Policy (tentative)

The class grades will be based on the following components:
    40% Programming Assignment  
    40% Exams  
    15% Demo (for Graduate Students) (Q&A for undergrad students)
    5% Additional Class Participation (including in-class and mailing-list discussion)

Academic Honesty

All students are responsible for knowing the University's policy on academic honesty. All academic work submitted in this course must be your own unless you have received my permission to collaborate and have properly acknowledged receiving assistance. It is the responsibility of me and the TA to uphold the University's academic honesty policy and report my belief of dishonesty to the Office of the Vice President for Instruction.


Assignment #0

Send a message to the class' private mailing list, this may include
subscribing (or joining the class email list) introducing yourself.
Please subscribe to list at URL:

Course Outline






Introduction and Network API

CH 2.7~2.8,


BSD Socket Tutorial

Assignment-1 Echo Server in C/C++ (Due Jan 16)   

Lec1, Lec5, Lec2

Internet Architecture and Layering

CH1.4, CH1.5, CH 1.7, Design Philosophy of the Internet,


TCPdump / Ethereal

Assignment-2 Trace Analysis #1 (Due Jan 23)

Lec3, Lec4

Internet Applications

CH2, HTTP, Proxy, CDN



(by Amandeep)

Assignment-3 Multi-thread Web Server (Due Feb 6)


Lec7, Lec8, Lec9


CH 1.6  

Advanced Cookies,

PHP Session (by Kushel Rai Bellipady)

Assignment-4 UDP-Pinger (Due Feb 20)   



CH 4.4

IP tables / IP filters (by Tapan),

VPN Configuration

Trace Analysis Lab 1, Lab 2, Lab 3,


Link Layer Technology

CH 5.3, CH 5.4, CH 5.5,


IPv6 Configurations

(by Chiahsun)

Assignment-5 Trace Analysis #2 (Due Apr 11), and traces

Lec14, Lec16

Network Devices

CH 5.6

LDAP (by Rohit)

Assignment-6 Web Server with Cookie Support (Due Apr 4)




Ajax (by Mattew Eavenson)



End-to-end Reliability Control

CH 3.1~3.5

Onion Routing

(by Tianhao)

XSS (by Andrew Homeyer)

Assignment-7 UDP-based File Transfer (without proxy, due Apr 25)


End-to-end Congestion and Flow Control

CH 3.6~3.7, Flow control, and Congestion control


Open ID and Cardspace

(by Anousha)

FastFlux (by John Harney)

Term-project (assignment 8) UDP-based File Transfer

with proxy (Due May 5)

Lec11, Lec12

Final Exam

May 1 (Thursday) 12 noon ~ 3pm


Exam solutions