Fall 2007

CSCI 8350: Enterprise Integration




Prashant Doshi

Office: 543 Boyd GSRC


Office Hours:

Tue & Thur: 3:15p to 4:30p

Wed: 3:20p to 4:30p

By prior email appointment


Course Objectives:

1.       To study the concepts, techniques, and system standards relevant to system-level and data-level integration

2.       Explore the pragmatics of enterprise integration

3.       Develop the art of preparing and delivering fluid, concise, and effective talks and presentations


Course Topics:

1.    Representation and Modeling

a.    Principles of services-oriented computing, service composition, architectures

b.    Interoperation declarative, procedural, and knowledge representations, ontologies

c.    Process specifications UML, algebras

d.    Agents environments, planning, multiagent systems

2.    Standards

a.    Web services WSDL, UDDI

b.    Service coordination WSCI, WS-Coordination

c.    Ontologies OWL

d.    Business processes BPEL

3.    Frameworks

a.    Enterprise architectures J2EE, .NET

b.    Interaction architectures Messaging, CORBA, P2P, Grid computing, and SOAP



There is one required textbook for this course:


Service Oriented Computing: Semantics, Processes, Agents

By Muninder Singh and Michael Huhns



The following textbook will be useful for reference:


A Semantic Web Primer, by Antoniou, Grigoris and Frank van Harmelen. MIT Press


Course Structure:



Midterm Exam

Paper presentation and scribe

Project in consultation with the instructor

Grade Allocations:

Final letter grades will depend on class standing


Midterm Exam

Research paper presentation & scribe:

Project proposal presentation:

Final project & presentation:

In-class participation and attendance:









Course Policy:

The work you submit and present must be your own. Plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty will be handled within the guidelines of the Student Handbook. The usual penalty for academic dishonesty is loss of credit for the assignment in question; however, stronger measures may be taken when conditions warrant.