Advanced Distributed Systems

Fall 2007

General Course Information:

Instructor: Lakshmish Ramaswamy (laks[AT]cs[dot]uga[dot]edu, 706-542-2737)
Time and Venue(Tentative): Wednesdays - 3:35 PM to 4:25 PM; Tuesdays & Thursdays - 03:30 PM to 04:45 PM
Office Hours: To be announced

Course Description:

Distributed systems have become widely pervasive and are having a tremendous impact on various domains of human activity. Today's distributed systems range from ad-hoc networks comprising of tiny sensor devices, to overlay networks such as peer-to-peer systems, to massive web farms of powerful servers. The research in the area of distributed systems has focused on achieving better performance, reliability, security, and privacy of various kinds of distributed data processing applications.

In this course we will study the design, implementation and evaluation of a wide class of distributed systems including edge cache networks, multimedia content distribution networks, peer-to-peer systems, publish-subscribe systems, stream processing systems, mobile systems and sensor networks, with the objective of gaining an in-depth understanding of the requirements and the design options.

Grading Policy (Tentative)

Course Materials (Tentative)

Web content generation and delivery
(Preliminary study: AFS and NFS in Silbershatz, Galvin and Gagne "OS Concepts [Chapter 11])
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Web content generation and delivery
    Web servers and application servers
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            Web Content Caching and Delivery
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     Peer -to-Peer Computing and Overlay Networks

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    Event Processing and Publish/Subscribe Systems
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Stream Processing,
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Security and Privacy
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