CSCI 8810 (4 Hrs)

Introduction to Image Processing and Applications

Department of Computer Science


Prerequisite: POD


Required Text:  TBA


Grading Policy:

                Midterm Exam: 20%

                Programming Assignments: 20%

                Projects/Reports/Presentations: 20%

                Final Exam: 40%


Course Description:


Introduction to image processing operations, including:

low- and high-pass filters, component labeling, histogram

techniques, edge detection, noise reduction, image enhancement, image

segmentation, image data structures and pyramids, software

tools for imaging, compression, image analysis and applications

in vision, face recognition, remote sensing, digital mamography,

and other applications, ...


Introduction to parallel and distributed processing with

imaging applications in mind.  Topics include, MIMD, SIMD,

SPMD, ..., distributed memory systems, shared memory systems,

interconnection networks, reconfigurable systems, hypercubes,

broadcasting algorithms, ...


In addition to 14 to 20 discussion sessions discussing

recent applications in image processing and computer vision.