CSCI 8850: Advanced Biomedical Image Analysis

Spring Semester, 2010

Course Overview

Biomedical imaging has become a critically important approach to understand biomedical systems by allowing direct visualization of complex biomedical processes and interactions. Extraction and quantification of most relevant biomedical information from imaging data is an integral part of biomedical imaging. This course provides an overview of most common biomedical image analysis problems and approaches.

This course introduces advanced approaches to, and applications of, biomedical image analysis, including theories of imaging modalities, algorithms, software systems and applications. Advanced applications of state-of-the-art biomedical image analysis software systems will be emphasized.

Biomedical image analysis is an interdisciplinary research field involving disciplines of computer science, biology, medicine, neuroscience, mathematics, statistics and physics. We welcome students and researchers from different disciplines join this course and participate in our interdisciplinary discussion.

Intended Audience

Graduate/undergraduate students in Computer Science.

Graduate/undergraduate students in Psychology, Neuroscience, Cell Biology, Bioinformatics, and Engineering could benefit from this course, and are welcome to attend.

Topics to cover

  1. Overview of the course
  2. Biomedical imaging modalities
  3. Advanced applications of medical imaging
  4. Advanced applications of biological imaging
  5. Overview of state-of-the-art biomedical imaging and image analysis
  6. Pre-processing in advanced biomedical image analysis
  7. Advanced medical image segmentation
  8. Advanced medical image registration
  9. Advanced shape analysis
  10. Longitudinal imaging and analysis
  11. Theory of diffusion tenor imaging
  12. Advanced diffusion tensor image computing
  13. fMRI analysis
  14. Advanced medical imaging informatics
  15. Advanced biological image segmentation
  16. Advanced biological image tracking
  17. Advanced biological image pattern classification
  18. Advanced biological imaging informatics
  19. Advanced software systems for biomedical image analysis
  20. Trends in biomedical imaging and image analysis

Course Information

Web Page: Instructor:   Tianming Li (Email:, Phone: 706-542-3478)  
Instructor Office Hours: Wednesday 10-11am, Thursday 2~3 pm, Immediately after the class. Boyd GSRC 420.


Atam Dhawan, Medical Image Analysis, Wiley-IEEE Press (July 14, 2003).

Recommended Readings

Atam P. Dhawan, H. K. Huang, Dae-shik Kim, Principles and Recent Advances in Medical Imaging and Image Analysis, World Scientific Publishing Company (September 30, 2008).

Jerry Prince and Jonathan Links, Medical Imaging Signals and Systems, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006.

M. Sonka, V. Hlavac, R. Boyle: Image Processing, Analysis, and Machine Vision, Chapman and Hall 2007, 3rd edition.

Joseph Hajnal, D. J. Hawkes, Derek Hill, Medical Image Registration, CRC

ITK Software Guide:

Grading Policy

20% Class Participation

50% Assignments

30% Final Project

Academic Honesty

All students are responsible for knowing the University's policy on academic honesty. All assignments submitted in this course must be your own unless you have received my permission to collaborate and have properly acknowledged receiving assistance. Final project report is the result of the collaboration between 2-3 students. It is the responsibility of the instructor and the TA to uphold the University's academic honesty policy and report my belief of dishonesty to the Office of the Vice President for Instruction.