I am a PhD student at the University of Georgia. I work in the Virtual Experiences Laboratory under the guidance of Dr. Kyle Johnsen.



Remote Robotic Arm Teleoperation through Virtual Reality

Virtual Family Room: Bridging the Long Distance


Collaborative Virtual Reality Training Experience for Engineering Land Surveying

Comparison of Command-Based vs. Reality-Based Interaction in a Veterinary Medicine Training Application

V-Rod: Floor Interaction in VR



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Remote Robotic Arm Teleoperation through Virtual Reality

Virtual Family Room: Bridging the Long Distance


Point cloud manipulation for processing agricultural data.

Game Jams

Jungle Jim

Jam: Athens Game Jam 2019

Award: Best Game Design

Can you run (physically) and jump (virtually) across this jungle gym? Can you find out who Jim is? An experimental use of a large play area and VR backpack to eliminate the need for a horizontal movement system while remaining a platformer.

Child's Play

Jam: Global Game Jam 2019

2-Player Asymmetric Tower Defense A VR player defends their toy fortress using bubble guns, yoyos, bouncy balls, and other formidable weapons of pretend destruction. Meanwhile, another non-VR player creates and commands their seemingly endless legion of toy soldiers, model cars, and plastic dinosaurs to try and capture the ultimate prize: A precious doll house. Who will win this ultimate battle of epic proportions??


Jam: Global Game Jam 2018

Create a super-virus by connecting two regular viruses together! Compete against your friends to get the fastest speed! ---------- It sounds like mad scientist, but it plays like 3D Twister. SuperViRus is the premiere immersive virus-creating experience to date! With no button input, it's easy for anyone to pick up, but with surprising and contorting levels, it's hard for anyone to master. SuperViRus is a challenging and hilarious experience for players of all shape, size, and age!

Personal Projects

Polygon Scheme


A freely-available program to collect and process API data from the game EchoVR.

Ignite Stats Website and Database

A searchable database for public match stats for the game EchoVR. Data can also be queried by a Discord bot.

Class Projects

CSCI 4800: Human Computer Interaction

Class Website

CSCI 4070: Game Programming

Project 1

Project 2

Project 3

Project 5

CSEE 2210

Parking Monitor