Delaram Yazdansepas.

I'm currently a lecturer of Computer Science at the University of Georgia. I got my Ph.D. from the Computer Science Department at UGA. My dissertation was on activity recognition using wearable sensors. I'm broadly interested in Ubiquitous Computing Pervasive Systems. More specifically I am interested in collecting sensor data from smart phones and other modern mobile devices (e.g., fitness bands, tablets, music players and etc.) and mining this data for extracting useful knowledge. I am part of the DIPS research lab lead by Dr. Ramaswamy.

When I was a grad studnet, I was a teaching assistant for two years. I enjoyed teaching classes and labs as well as interacting with many students. I was also a research assistant on NPS cooperative agreement. I was a database programmer for the Southeast coast network.

I graduated from Qazvin Azad University in 2011 with a B.Sc. in computer engineering. I am originally from Tehran, Iran. I love exploring new places, trying out new activities and meeting people. I am a fan of board games and card games and enjoy playing them with friends.

Here is some of the research I do.

Research Interests: Ubiquitous Computing . Pervasive Systems . Mobile Computing . Internet of Things . Machine Learning

Fall Detection System

Such systems use motion data collected by the phone or other wearable devices in-built sensors to detect fall patterns and trigger an alarm system if fall has occurred.

Activity Recognition

With data mining and machine learning techniques we model a wide range of human activities using embedded sensors in fitness bands and mobile phones.

Machine Learning on Mobile Platform

Mobile devices provide sufficient calculation power to enable physical activity recognition on the device to decrease bandwidth usage.

Teaching Experience

Discrete Mathematics for Engineers

Role: Instructor of Record

I taught this course in Spring 2014. As part of my duty I prepared teaching material, homework, exams and handouts. I also held weekly office hours and assisted students.

Introduction to Personal Computing

Role: Primary Lab Instructor

I was a primary lab instructor Spring 2013 and Fall 2013. This course is about Fundamental concepts of computing and their application in everyday computer use.

Interdisciplinary Certificate in University Teaching

Pursuing the Graduate School Interdisciplinary Certificate in University Teaching.The goal of the Certificate is to support the enhancement of the student’s teaching skills and prepares them for future academic positions.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Seminar

Role: Guest Speaker

I talked about the challenges of teaching in a different country, a different language and a different culture than what most international students are used to.

GRSC 7900: Course Design

Role: Graduate Student

In this course students design/redesign a course in its entirety, beginning with their goals for their students and working through assessment to teaching and learning activities.


Contact Me

delaram (at) uga dot edu

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