Jaewoo Lee

Assistant professor

Department of Computer Science,
University of Georgia,
Athens, GA
Jaewoo Lee phto


I have RA openings available immediately and am looking for hard-working and self-motivated graduate students. If you are interested in machine learning or data privacy research, please contact me with your CV.

My Profile

I am an assistant professor in the computer science department at University of Georgia. Before joining UGA, I was a postdoctoral research associate working in Prof. Daniel Kifer's machine learning lab at PennState university. I received my Ph.D. in computer science in 2014 from Purdue university, where I studied privacy-preserving data analysis techniques under the supervision of Prof. Chris Clifton. Before joining Purdue, I was a member of database group at Yonsei university where I obtained my master and bachelor degrees in Computer Science. During my master study, I did research on developing efficient stream mining algorithms for high-dimensional data streams under the supervision of Prof. Won Suk Lee.


My research interests lie at the intersections of data mining, machine learning, data privacy and security. My primary interest is on data privacy --- providing strong privacy guarantees while making accurate computations on sensitive datasets possible. I work on developing new methodologies for performing machine learning and data mining tasks on the privacy-enhanced data. I also work on developing efficient mining algorithms for data streams. A data stream is a sequence of data elements continuously generated at a fast rate. Due to its distinct characteristics, such as massiveness, evolving concept and high data growth rate, stream data mining poses new challenges. The research topics of my interests are listed below, but not limited to:


†Unfortunately, the algorithm proposed in this paper has a technical problem and the privacy is not guaranteed. For details, see here