Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Georgia(UGA)

415 Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center,
Dept. of Computer Science
Athens, Georgia, 30602

Email: kyuhlee at, Tel: (706) 542-4690
Room: GSRC 638B

About me:

I'm an Assistant Professor of Computer Science Department at the University of Georgia. I received my Ph.D in Computer Science at Purdue University. I was co-advised by Dr. Xiangyu Zhang and Dr. Dongyan Xu. I got my Master and B.S in Computer Engineering from Hong-Ik University in Korea, and and my Master's thesis advisor was Dr. Sam H. Noh.

Research Interests:

Cyber security, Software reliability and security; Mobile Security; Program Analysis; Software engineering; Distributed Systems;

Prospective Students:

I am (always) looking for motivated (graduate and undergraduate) students with solid system and/or security background. If you are interested in working with me, please drop me an email.




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IJCSDF'16 (journal)

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* These authors contributed equally to this work.


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