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Prof. Lakshmish Ramaswamy

Professor, Department of Computer Science
Associate Director, Georgia Informatics Institutes for Research and Education
The University of Georgia
542 Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center
Athens, GA 30602

Email: laks[AT]cs[dot]uga[dot]edu
Phone: (706) 542-2737
Fax: (706) 542-2966

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Dr. Lakshmish Ramaswamy is a Professor in the Dept. of Computer Science at the University of Georgia. He also serves as the Assocaite Director of the Georgia Informatics Institutes for Research and Education (GII). Dr. Ramaswamy directs the Data Intensive Pervasive Systems Lab. Dr. Ramaswamy's research interests include Data Intensive Systems, Pervasive Systems, Cloud Computing, Health Informatics, Online Social Media, and Information Security, Privacy and Trust. He received the best paper award at the CoopIS-2010 conference for his research on cooperative mashup execution. He also received the best paper award at the WWW-2004 conference and the Pat Goldberg best paper award for the work on dynamic web content caching and delivery. Dr. Ramaswamy obtained PhD from the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also has a MS degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

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Research Projects

Current Projects
Past Projects
  • Data Quality-Aware Sensor Service Clouds (Sponsored by NSF)
  • Attacks and Defenses in Denial of Information (Sponsored by NSF )
  • Enhancing Quality and Trust in Collaboartive Information Systems
  • Lightweight Continuous Queries in P2P Overlays
  • Edge Cache Grid for Scalable Content Delivery
  • Automatic Fragment Detection in Dynamic Web Pages
  • Connectivity-based Distributed Node Clustering
  • Countering Free Riding in P2P Systems

In Spring 2021, I am teaching the Distributed Computing Systems course. A complete list of the courses that I have taught at UGA is available here.


I serve on the editorial boards of IEEE Transactions on Services Computing and the International Journal on Services Computing. I often serve on the program committees of conferences such as ICDCS, CoopIS, ICWS and CIC. More information on my professional services is available here.


Omar Al-Obaid (PhD, Ongoing)
Mohammad Al-Saad (PhD, Ongoing)
Samiyuru Menik H Mudiyanselage (PhD, Ongoing)

Dr. Omar Al-Obaid (PhD, Fall 2020)
Dr. Rick Price (PhD, Fall 2020, Currently a faculty member in Georgia Gwinnett College)
Dr. Neda Abolhassani (PhD, Summer 2019, Currently with Accenture Research Labs)
Dr. Navid Hashemi Tonekaboni (PhD, Summer 2019, Currently a faculty member at Charleston College)
Dr. Vinay Kumar Boddula (PhD, Fall 2017, Currently with a Accenture)
Dr. Michael Scott (PhD, Fall 2017, Currently a faculty member at UGA)
Dr. Delaram Yazdansepas (PhD, Fall 2017, Currently a faculty member at Loyola Marymount University)
Dr. Victor Lawson (PhD, Summer 2016, Currently a faculty member in Georgia Gwinnett College)
Dr. Amir Abdolrashidi (PhD, Spring 2016, Currently with a startup)
Dr. Phani Rohit Mullangi (PhD, Spring 2015, Currently with Skytap)
Dr. Arash Fard (PhD Summer 2014 -- Joint with Prof. John Miller, Currently with Microfocus - Vertica)
Dr. Jianxia Chen (PhD, Summer 2011, Currently with VMWare)
Dr. Osama Al-Haj Hassan (PhD, Summer 2010, Currently Faculty member at Al-Isra University, Amman, Jordan)
Himanshu Venkata Srikarthik Pendyala (MS, Fall 2018)
Sujeeth Kulkarni (MS, Summer 2018)
Farahnak Jalalzadeh Fard (MS, Spring 2018)
Anuja Jadhav (MS, Spring 2018)
Pranjay Patil (MS, Spring 2018)
Sakshi Sachdeva (MS, Spring 2018)
Nitin Saroha (MS, Spring 2018)
Priyanka Luthra (MS, Fall 2017)
Moumita Chanda Das (MS, Spring 2017)
Awani Joshi (MS, Fall 2015)
Reshma Pasumarthi (MS, Fall 2015)
Sarabpreet Kaur Dhillon (MS, Fall 2014)
Satya Vikas Manda (MS, Fall 2014)
Abhishek Kothari (MS, Summer 2014)
Siva Venkat Gogineni (MS, Spring 2014)
Gowtham Penematsa (MS, Fall 2013)
Chinmay Murugkar (MS, Summer 2013)
Venkata Sriram Akella (MS Spring 2013)
Akshay Choche (MS, Spring 2013)
Deepika Sethi (MS, Fall 2012)
Raga Sowmya Tummalapenta (MS, Fall 2012)
Aniruddha Jagalpure (MS, 2012)
Kishor Mahajan (MS, 2011)
Piyush Parate (MS, 2009)
Sujeeth Thirumalai (MS, 2007)