Maria Hybinette

Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
415 Boyd GSRC
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-7404

office: 219C Boyd
email: ingrid {at} uga.edu

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Professor Hybinette is a researcher in high performance simulation systems. Her current focus is on social animal behavior modeling and financial market simulation. She is especially interested in hybrid (both micro & macro) simulation of multi-agent behavior, and mechanisms for making them faster, more effective, and more usable. In earlier work, she developed a number of methods for boosting the performance of discrete event simulations on parallel multi-processors.

She is a native of Motala, Sweden but calls Suwanee, Georgia her home for the last 18 years. She lives with her husband Tucker, 3 children, 2 cats: a Burmese and a Ragdoll, two rescue dogs (one large and one small), 30,000 bees (outside), a school of fish, and a colony of ants (inside). When she's not teaching or researching, she loves learning about photography, running, watching Spongebob and playing with her family.