About Me

Welcome to my homepage! I am a PhD student in the Computer Science Department at the University of Georgia. I work in the DIPS lab where I am advised by Dr. Lakshmish Ramaswamy. I got my Master's degree from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania and my research area includes Big Data, Semantic Web, Database Systems, Distributed Systems, Computer Vision and Image Processing.

  • Designed an ontology that supports enterprise data lineage and data governance.
  • Participated in implementation of a quality-centric big data infrastructure for federated sensor services cloud.
  • Participated in implementation of a mobile based activity recognition system.
  • Designed and developed a regression based edge linking algorithm.
  • Implemented Markov Chain method on coastline edge images to select a proper pattern for edge linking.
  • Developed a parallel program for analysis of different edge detection methods using MATLAB Message Passing Interface (MPI).
  • Publications
    1. Neda Abolhassani, Teresa Tung, Karthik Gomadam, Lakshmish Ramaswamy, "Knowledge Graph-Based Query Rewriting in a Relational Data Harmonization Framework", Proceedings of the 1st IEEE International Workshop on Internet-scale Clouds and Big Data, in conjunction with the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing (CIC), Nov 2016, Pittsburgh PA, USA
    2. Abhishek Kothari, Vinay Boddula, Lakshmish Ramaswamy and Neda Abolhassani, "DQS-Cloud: A Data Quality-Aware Autonomic Cloud for Sensor Services", Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing, Oct 2014, Miami FL, USA
    3. Haklin Kimm, Neda Abolhassani and Eun-Joo Lee, "Comparative Evaluation of Edge Linking Methods Using Markov Chain and Regression Applied Heuristic", Progress in Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis, Computer Vision, and Applications, Volume 8827, 2014, pp 1014-1021
    4. Haklin Kimm, Neda Abolhassani and Fenglien Lee, "Edge Detection and Linking Pattern Analysis Using Markov Chains", Proceedings of the 13th IEEE International Symposium on Advances in Computer and Information Technology, Dec 2013, Sydney, Australia
    5. Neda Abolhassani and Haklin Kimm, "Performance Analysis on Edge Detection Algorithms for Coastline Image Detection", Proceedings of the 10th IASTED International Conference on Visualization, Imaging, and Image Processing (VIIP 2012), July 2012, Banff, Canada.
    Graduate Work

    Teaching Duties:

    • Lab instructor and lead TA (courses: Introduction to Computing and Programming, Topics in Computing)
    • Assisted in evaluation and grading students' work, assisted students for their course projects, examination proctoring (courses: Software Engineering, Compilers, Software Development, Personal Computers and Their Uses, Linear Data Structures and Elementary Algorithm Analysis, Introduction to Information Technology).
    • Tutored Java and C++ programming courses.

    Courses Taken:

    • Machine Learning
    • Advanced Topics in Data Intensive Computing Systems
    • Enterprise Integration
    • Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems
    • Automata and Formal Languages
    • Biomedical Image Analysis
    • Computer Vision
    • Parallel Computing
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Graph Theory
    • Theory of Computation
    • Computer Architecture
    • Software Engineering
    • Database Systems
    • Discrete Optimization Algorithms


    Email: na4845 [AT] uga [DOT] edu

    Address: The University of Georgia, 415 Boyd Graduate Studies Research center,
                  Athens, GA 30602-7404