University of Georgia
Don Potter

Don Potter


Artificial Intelligence Institute
5th Floor Boyd Graduate Studies Building

(706) 542-0358


Department of Computer Science
GSRC 415, Brooks Drive
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602-7404

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Department Links

CSCI/PHIL-4550/6550 - Artificial Intelligence

CSCI-1130: Hands-On Introduction to Programming

CSCI-8050 - Knowledge Based Systems

CSCI/ARTI-4530/6530 - Robotics

CSCI-2670 - Theory of Computation

Discrete Mathematics

CSCI/ENGR-8940 - Computational Intelligence

CSCI/ARTI-4540/6540 - Symbolic Programming

FYO: Artificial Intelligence - It's For Real

Research Interests

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Sortedness - Pre-Sortedness Web Page

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