ARTI/CSCI-4540/6540: Symbolic Programming

(prereq: CSCI-1302 or POD; coreq: CSCI/PHIL-4550/6550)


Which LISP book to get:

There are a bunch of older LISP texts that are pretty good.  Just about any of them are useful for our class.  The one I like the best is: LISP, 3rd Edition by Winston and Horn (1989, Addison-Wesley).  You can get it from Amazon and it’s pretty cheap.  You might also find it at the local bookstore where you buy textbooks but it was not ordered specifically for our class.  I even saw one copy at a bookstore downtown in their “scrap” bin (their price was $5.00).


Other books that are OK include:

            Common LISPcraft by Wilensky

            LISPcraft by Wilensky

            The Little LISPer by Friedman and Felleisen

            Common LISP by Steele