FRES 1010:

            Artificial Intelligence - It's for real!


Call Number:




            Don Potter

            Department of Computer Science

            Institute for Artificial Intelligence


Time and Place:

            1:25pm – 2:15pm, Wednesdays, GSRC 208


Ever since the development of the earliest mechanical devices, people have contemplated the notion of competing against a non-human opponent at some sort of game (from recreational gaming to warfare simulation and training games; Go and Chess are good examples).  Today’s modern “computer opponents” provide a wide array of stimulating and learning challenges for humans.  Two major items distinguish modern computer opponents in all gaming genres, namely an immersive graphical user interface, and “intelligent” computer opponents.  The goal of this research seminar is to investigate the historical development of non-human opponent gaming with special emphasis on computer opponents.


In addition, we want to focus on at least one specific computer game and investigate the development of an intelligent agent for us to compete against.  An excellent gaming environment is provided in Microsoft’s Age of Empires II: Age of Kings; considered one of the best real-time strategy games ever developed.  We will use this game to develop our own intelligent players.  Some programming experience is helpful but not necessary.


Don Potter is Director of the Artificial Intelligence Center, and Professor of Computer Science.  His research and teaching interests include database management systems and artificial intelligence.  He is currently working on several projects (funded by the USDA Forest Service) that focus on applying artificial intelligence techniques to support forest management decision making.

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