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*** Artificial Intelligence: AOK2 ***

FIRST THING TO DO: go to the Microsoft AOK2 web page (link below) then to downloads. Get the 2.0a update (2.6M) and the AI update (262K). Install them both so that your environment is the same as everyone else's and those in the labs. These files are also below if you want to download them from here.

RULES WE USE: * Population Size: 125 * Difficulty: Hard * Other Players: 1 * Map Size: Small * Common Location: Highlands (or Arabia) * No Teams * No Wonder Victory (only defeat and relic victories) * No Navy and no water based locations (like Island or Coastal) * Max Villagers: 50 * No more than 3 Town Centers * No Cheats (duh) *

AOK SAMPLE AI FILES TO DOWNLOAD: place both files in the AI directory (typically, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age Of Empires II\AI) then when you start the game, instead of you playing, select WDPsample (or WeakSlayer) to play for you. You will need to help it along in areas such as gathering resources and coordinating an attack. It will play fairly well by itself against the computer on hard difficulty and 125 population maximum.

WDP sample.per (12/2000): WDPsample.per.
This is the main player AI file.
WDP (12/2000):
Note that this file is empty. You need to copy the .per file above into your the AI directory, and create an empty file with the same name but with the .ai extension and put it in the AI directory also. If you are using PCs in the labs, I recommend that you put your AI files on a floppy and copy them from the floppy to the hard disk (AI directory) when you play.
Demo AI (2/01): GoTurksDemo.per.
Weak Slayer sample AI (2/01): WeakSlayer.per.
This is a weak slayer version of the sample script. Try it out. It needs lots of help. First build a wall and some towers. Let the economy get rolling but watch for idle villagers. Then you need to take over most of the military. The rules should be easy to read and understand. Also, they should be easy to modify.

2008 Sample Agent List

Master Control: MasterControl.PER
Invasion: azninvasion3.PER

2007 Competition Preliminary List Start

Optimus Prime 2.0 (play as Britons): OptimusPrimev2.per
Gizmo (play as Vikings): Gizmo.per
Mootoe (play as Chinese): mootoe.per or mootoe2.per

Previous Competition Results: 1st Place: Pulseurs_d_ane; 2nd Place: StormRaven; 3rd Place (tie): GenghisKhan and TopGun

OTHER AGENTS: Here are some other agents that students have developed in the past. Feel free to look them over (just don't copy one and claim it as your own).

2004 Competition Preliminary List Start

Check out the preliminary results : Prelim04all.htm
Da Qing AI (play as Chinese): ArtilleryOfDaQing.PER
The Shah AI (play as Persians): Shah-Of-Persia.PER
The Irredeemable AI (play as Britons?): hms_irredeemable.PER
Dr Stranger Love AI (play as Franks): DrStrangelove.ZIP
Agent 006 and One Half (really .55) AI (play as Britons): 006andOneHalf.PER
Advantage AI (play as Celts): AdvantageCelts.per
Old Blue Eyes AI (play as Franks): FrankSinatra.PER
Teutonic Plague AI (play as Teutons): TeutonicPlague.PER
Agent Josh AI (play as Franks): AgentJosh.ZIP
Gone Turks AI (play as Turks): GoTurks_HY.PER
French Fly AI (play as Franks): FrenchFly.PER
Those Sober Businessmen AI (play as Japanese): SoberBusinessmenOfThePacific.PER
New Samurai AI (play as Japanese): NewWorldSamurai.ZIP
General Tsao AI (play as Chinese): GenTsaoLHCB.PER
YellowDart AI (play as Britons): theYellowDart-Britons.PER
Ed The Confessor AI (play as Britons): EdTheConfessor.PER
MongolHorde AI (play as Mongols, duh!): MongolHorde.ZIP

2005 Competition Preliminary List

GoFranks AI (play as Franks, duh!): GoFranks.PER.
NewArthur AI (play as Vikings): NewArthur.PER.
DoomsdayMachine AI (play as Turks or any): DoomsdayMachine.PER.
DeusX AI (play as Celts): DeusX.PER.
bharat AI (revised; play as Turks): bharat11.per.
DaddyJihad AI (revised; play as Byzantines): DaddyJihad2.per.
YourFamily AI (play as Franks): YourFamily.PER.
TopGun AI (play as Franks): Topgun11.PER.
Pulseurs_d_ane AI (play as Franks): Pulseurs_d_ane.PER.
Genghis Khan sample AI *** new version *** (play as Mongols): GenghisKhan2.PER.
StormRaven sample AI *** new version *** (play as Byzantines): StormRaven2b3.ZIP.
WAGL sample AI (play as Franks): WeAreGonnaLose.PER.
Ice1 sample AI (play as Vikings): Ice1.per.
LordSoth1 sample AI (play as Byzantines): LordSoth1.PER.
Princess_Aida sample AI (play as Franks): princess_aida.per.
FastAttack sample AI: FastAttack.PER.
WarGod (play as Byzantines) wargod.PER.
EmperorsBlade (play as Japanese) EmperorsBlade.PER.
TheGeneral (play as Britons) TheGeneral.PER.
Slayer8 (play as Franks) Slayer8.PER.
Goku2 (play as Franks) Goku2.PER.
GC23 (play as Chinese) GC23.PER.
BobGoodSlayer1a (play as Persians) BobGoodSlayer1a.PER.
2003 Results:
-----Agent Smith goes undefeated with a record of 12-0!
-----Second Place goes to Sobieski2 (10-2)
-----Third Place goes to DoesntRush and Sam4 (9-3)
-----Fourth Place goes to Anonymous (7-5)
-----Fifth Place goes to Omni, Ac7e, and Orome6 (6-6)
-----Sixth Place goes to Leetslayer (5-7)
-----Seventh Place goes to Tw05 and Hannibal3 (3-9)
-----Eighth Place goes to KidAI (2-10)
-----Ninth Place goes to SunTzu1 (0-12)
anonymous (play as Franks) anonymous.PER.
GoTurks (play as Turks; routinely beats Agent Smith!): GoTurks.PER.
AgentSmith (unzip in AI directory, play as Franks): AgentSmith.ZIP.
Neat Stuff:
Gamespot's AOK Hints and Tips Game Guide: Game_Guide
Strategic Number List: SN_list.doc
Research and Development Summary Sheet (developed for Conquerors but still useful for AOK2, 1/2001): RandDitems.doc.
Microsoft's AOK2 Conqueror's technology tree: TechTree.pdf.
Microsoft's AOK2 AI Developer's Manual: AIDeveloper.doc.
Microsoft's AOK2 Web Site: Microsoft's AOK2.
Microsoft's AOK2 Update Fix: AOK2 Update Fix.
Microsoft's AOK2 2.0a Update: AOK2 Update.
Cool AOK2 Web Site: AOK2 Heaven.
Planet Web Site: Planet Age Of Empires.
Follow the downloads link: AI Editing, to find more goodies and to download the AI Editor if you want to install it on your home PC. It can be useful but is not absolutely necessary (I almost never use it).
Or get the editor here: AI Editor:

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