University of Georgia
Don Potter

Don Potter


Artificial Intelligence Institute
Suite 111 (my office is in 113)
Boyd Graduate Studies Building
(706) 542-0361

*** Discrete Mathematics ***

Office Hours

Mr. xxxx's office hours are:
x:xxpm-x:xxpm xxxxxxxx
xx:xxpm-x:xxpm xxxxxx
His office is in room xxxxx of Boyd GSRC

Don's office hours are:
?pm - ?pm ?
by appointment
or just email me

Proof Guide ProofGuide.pdf
Common Mistakes CommonMistakes.pdf
Handout 1: Handout1.pdf
Rules of Inference Handout Rules Guide
Writing Projects Guide Writing Guide


August 17 slides: Aug. 17, pdf

Exam 1 is Wednesday, Sept 8th.

Exam 2 is Wednesday, Oct 6th.

Exam 3 is Wednesday, Nov 3rd.

Exam 4 is Wednesday, Dec 1st.

Final Exam is Thursday, Dec 9th at noon.

Syllabus Syllabus

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