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Don Potter


Artificial Intelligence Institute
Suite 111 (my office is in 113)
Boyd Graduate Studies Building
(706) 542-0361

*** Theory of Computation ***

Office Hours

Mr/Ms xxxx's office hours are:
x:xxpm-x:xxpm xxxxxxxx
xx:xxpm-x:xxpm xxxxxx
His office is in room xxxxx of Boyd GSRC

Don's office hours are:
?pm - ?pm ?
by appointment
or just email me

NOTICE: Exam 1 is Thursday, Sept 18th.


Homework-1, Due Sept 2 (next Tuesday) Homework-1

Homework-2, Due Sept 9 (next Tuesday) Homework-2

Homework-3, Due Sept 16 (next Tuesday) Homework-3

Homework-4, Due Sept 30 (next Tuesday) Homework-4

Homework-5, Due Oct 7 (next Tuesday) Homework-5

Homework-6, Due Oct 14 (next Tuesday) Homework-6

Homework-7, Due Nov 4 (next Tuesday) Homework-7

Homework-8, Due Nov 11 (next Tuesday) Homework-8

Homework-9, Due Nov 18 (next Tuesday) Homework-9


Syllabus Syllabus

Greek Alphabet Greek Alphabet

Proof Guide (from Discrete Math) ProofGuide.pdf

Common Mistakes (from Discrete Math) CommonMistakes.pdf

Rules of Inference Handout Rules Guide

Writing Projects Guide Writing Guide

Summary Items Summary Items


Introduction Introduction

Tentative Preliminary Stuff Prelims

Better Preliminary Stuff Math Prelims

Regular Languages Regular Languages

Regular Languages and Regular Expressions More on Regular Languages

NFA to DFA Stuff NFA to DFA stuff

More NFA to DFA Stuff More NFA to DFA stuff

Pushdown Automata and Context-Free Languages Context-Free Languages

Turing Machines Turing Machines

Decidability Decidability

Reducibility Reducibility

Time Complexity Time Complexity

More Time Complexity More Time Complexity


Theory Links: Theory-Links.pdf

Exam 1 is Thursday, Sept 18th.

Exam 2 is Tuesday, Oct 21st.

Exam 3 is Thursday, Nov 20th.

Final Exam is Thursday, Dec 11th at noon.

Syllabus Syllabus

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