Shelby's pets

I currently have 2 dogs and 1 cat. My dogs are Yogi and Sasha and my cat is Josie. Here they are.

Yogi and Sasha Josie when she was a kitten Josie in her bed

Yogi and Sasha were both adopted from Athens Canine Rescue, which is a great fostering organization in the Athens, GA, area. I found Josie on the sidewalk as I was heading into campus one day. Fortunately, I had picked up bagels and lox on my way in, so I had no problem catching her! The picture of her as a kitten was taken just a few days after I found her.

My first dog was Cully, who was a beautiful Belgian Malinois. Sadly, Cully died in 2006. She was a great friend and I miss her still.

Cully at home Cully in the snow

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