Sheng Li

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science 
University of Georgia

804 Boyd GSRC, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602
Email: [AT]

Research Interests: Machine learning (unsupervised learning, transfer learning, deep learning) with applications to big data analytics, computer vision, natural language processing, user modeling, causal inference, etc.

Education: Ph.D. in CE, Northeastern, 2017; M.S. in CS, NUPT, 2012; B.S. in CS, NUPT, 2010.

Openings: I am continuously looking for highly-motivated Ph.D. students to work on machine learning, computer vision and causal inference. Please send me your CV if interested.

News [more...]

  • 08/2020, One paper on graph embedding for session-based news recommendation is accepted at ACM RecSys 2020.
  • 08/2020, I accepted the invitations to serve as Senior Program Committee member of IJCAI 2021 and AAAI 2021.
  • 07/2020, Two papers on causal inference and virtual sequence learning are accepted at CIKM 2020.
  • 07/2020, I gave a keynote talk at the International Conference on Neural Computing for Advanced Applications (NCAA 2020).
  • 05/2020, I received the Aharon Katzir Young Investigator Award from the International Neural Network Society (INNS).
  • 05/2020, I received the Faculty Research Excellence Award from the Department of Computer Science.
  • 04/2020, One survey paper on representation learning for user modeling is accepted at IJCAI 2020.
  • 03/2020, One paper that develops machine learning classifiers to predict donor specificity is accepted by eLife.
  • 03/2020, I will co-organize the Second International Workshop on Bringing Semantic Knowledge into Vision and Text Understanding, at IJCAI 2020.
  • 03/2020, I accepted the invitation to serve as Program Committee member of NeurIPS 2020, ECCV 2020, UAI 2020, EMNLP 2020, and IEEE BigData 2020.
  • 02/2020, I accepted the invitation to serve as Area Chair of ICPR 2020.
  • 12/2019, I received the M. G. Michael Award for Sciences from the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, UGA.
  • 11/2019, I accepted the invitation to serve as Senior Program Committee member of IJCAI 2020 and PC member of ICML 2020 and KDD 2020.
  • 10/2019, I accepted the invitation to serve as Program Committee member of CVPR 2020, ECAI 2020, PAKDD 2020, and IEEE MIPR 2020.
  • 09/20/2019, I will co-organize a tutorial on representation learning for causal inference at AAAI 2020.
  • 09/2019, Three journal papers are accepted by IEEE Trans. KDE, IEEE Systems Journal, and Multimedia Tools and Applications.
  • 08/08/2019, Two papers on low-rank coding and causal inference are accepted at ICDM 2019 (Acceptance Rate: 18.5%).
  • 07/25/2019, I gave an invited talk on graph neural networks at the Adobe Data Science Symposium Webinar.
  • 07/17/2019, I accepted the invitation to serve as Program Committee member of ICLR 2020.
  • 07/17/2019, One paper on analysis–synthesis dictionary learning is accepted at Neural Networks.
  • 07/02/2019, One paper on robust subspace discovery is accepted at ACM MM 2019.
  • 06/21/2019, I accepted the invitation to serve as Senior Program Committee member of AAAI 2020.
  • 05/10/2019, Three papers on graph neural networks, causal inference, and dictionary learning are accepted at IJCAI 2019 (Acceptance Rate: 17.9%).
  • 04/29/2019, Two papers on sequence modeling and adversarial training are accepted at KDD 2019 (Acceptance Rate: 14%).
  • 04/14/2019, One short paper on factorization machines is accepted at SIGIR 2019 (Acceptance Rate: 24.4%).
  • 04/01/2019, I gave an invited talk on machine learning and deep learning at the College of Education, The University of Iowa, IA.
  • 03/16/2019, I accepted the invitation to serve as Program Committee member of IEEE BigData 2019.
  • 03/11/2019, One paper on multi-view ensemble clustering is accepted by IEEE Trans. NNLS.
  • 03/06/2019, I received the Adobe Data Science Research Award.
  • 03/06/2019, I accepted the invitation to serve as Program Committee member of UAI 2019.
  • 03/05/2019, I am elevated to be Senior Member of IEEE.
  • 02/24/2019, One paper on scene graph generation is accepted at CVPR 2019 (Acceptance Rate: 25.2%).

Awards and Honors

  • INNS Aharon Katzir Young Investigator Award, 2020
  • Faculty Research Excellence Award, 2020
  • M. G. Michael Award, 2020
  • Adobe Data Science Research Award, 2019
  • Baidu Research Fellowship, 2016-2017
  • Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad, 2015-2016
  • The inaugural Adobe Research Fellowship Finalist, 2015
  • NEU Outstanding Graduate Student Award, 2014-2015
  • Best Paper Award, SDM 2014
  • Best Paper Award Candidate, ICME 2014
  • Best Student Paper Honorable Mention Award, FG 2013
  • Student Travel Awards for SDM 2014 / ICDM 2014 / CIKM 2015 / CVPR 2016 / CIKM 2016 / IJCAI 2016 / KDD 2016



  • Associate Editor: IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine (2019 - ), Neurocomputing (2017 - ), IET Image Processing (2017 - ), Neural Computing and Applications (2017 - ), Journal of Electronic Imaging (2018 - )
  • Program Chair: IJCAI-Tusion (2020), IJCAI-Tusion (2019), CVPR-AMFG (2019)
  • Publicity Chair: ICMLA (2016), TCMFTL (2016), AMFG (2015-2017)
  • Area Chair: ICPR (2020), VCIP (2017)
  • SPC Member: IJCAI (2020), AAAI (2019-2020)
  • PC Member: NeurIPS (2019-2020), ICML (2019-2020), CVPR (2019-2020), ECCV (2020), EMNLP (2020), ECAI (2020), ICCV (2019), IJCAI (2015-2019), KDD (2018-2019), ICLR (2019-2020), UAI (2019-2020), IEEE BigData(2019-2020), BMVC (2019), NIPS (2018), AAAI (2017, 2018), ACM MM (2018), MIPR (2018-2020), PAKDD (2017-2020), IEEE BigData (2018), ICTAI (2018), AFFCON (2018-2020), DSAA (2017), FG (2017), ACII (2017), NLPCC (2017)
  • Reviewer: IEEE TPAMI / TKDE / TIP / TNNLS / TMM / TBD / TC / TCSVT / TETCI / TMC, ACM CSUR / TKDD / TOSN / TIST / TOMM, Pattern Recognition, Neurocomputing, PLoS ONE, IJPRAI, JVCI, JEI, OE, etc.

Selected Publications [Full List] [Google Scholar]

Journal Papers

  1. Rahil Taujale, Aarya Venkat, Liang-Chin Huang, Zhongliang Zhou, Wayland Yeung, Khaled M Rasheed, Sheng Li, Arthur S Edison, Kelley W Moremen, Natarajan Kannan. Deep evolutionary analysis reveals the design principles of fold A glycosyltransferases. eLife, 2020.
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Conference Papers

  1. Zhixuan Chu, Stephen Rathbun and Sheng Li. Matching in Selective and Balanced Representation Space for Treatment Effects Estimation. CIKM, 2020.
  2. Abhilash Dorle, Fangyu Li, Wenzhan Song and Sheng Li. Learning Discriminative Virtual Sequences for Time Series Classification. CIKM, 2020.
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