About Me

My first triathlon

My name is Cole Sherer. I am currently pursuing a PhD in computer science from the University of Georgia. I obtained two Bachelor's degrees (one in mathematics and one in computer science) from the University of Georgia in May 2007, and began my graduate work the following semester. I'm currently teaching CSCI 2610 - Discrete Mathematics for the department as part of my assistantship.

My hobbies include reading, photography, rock climbing, triathlon, and studying foreign languages. I competed in the ACM Southeast Regional Programming Contest in 2005 and 2006, and compete on TopCoder whenever I get the chance. I placed in the top 3 at our school programming contest (sponsored by TopCoder) 3 years in a row (finishing first in 2007).

I love developing games and own my own game development company, Ginger Magic Games. I have written code for several platforms including PC, Mac, Nintendo DS (C/C++), XBox 360 (C# and XNA), Playstation 3 (C/C++), NES (6502 Assembly), iPhone (Objective-C), and Android (Java).