Freshman Seminar 1010(70627): Problem Solving and the Use of the Internet

Course Information

Fall 2009

Instructor: Dr. Thiab R. Taha, e-mail:

Office: Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center, Room 545

Office Hours: T, Th: 1:00 - 1:50 PM or by an appointment

Time and Place: Mondays, 2rd period (09:05 - 09:55 AM), 306 Boyd Graduate Studies Building

Scope: This seminar examines the use of free software for solving real problems. Each student will present a non-trivial problem and will be asked to use the Internet to find the right free software that helps in finding a satisfactory solution. The student will compare the free software with some of the available commercial packages. Each student will present his/her finding to the class. In addition, the instructor will present an introduction to computer science and his research interests.

Presentation and Report: Each student will use a computer to present the problem and the solution. A typed report for the problem and its solution is due in class by the last day of presentations.

Attendance: Each student is required to attend all presentations and submit a one page summary of each one.

Grading:: Pass/Fail

Academic Honesty: All students are responsible for maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity in every phase of their academic careers. The penalties for academic dishonesty are severe and ignorance is not an acceptable defense. The Department Policy applies: see overleaf.