CSCI 4150/6150: Numerical Simulations in Science and Engineering

Spring Semester 2011


INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Thiab R. Taha, e-mail:

OFFICE: Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center, Room 545

OFFICE HOURS: T, Th 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM, GSRC 545

PREREQUISITE: A Programming language and one semester course in calculus

Credit Hours: 4 hours

LECTURES: 07M(Room 306, Boyd, GSRC)/75 T,TH, Hardman Hall 102


    This course is computational oriented. The topics to be covered are:
  1. Scientific computing and numerical simulations
  2. Finite difference methods.
  3. Finite element methods.
  4. Pseudospectral methods.
  5. Symbolic computation.
  6. Introduction to higher performance computing.
  7. Visulization tools.

A number of mathematical modeling of science and engineering problems will be discussed and implemented. Available mathematical software packages(matlab and maple) and visualization tools will be used in the numerical simulations

HOMEWORK AND READING:Will be assigned to help you understand the material. Homework will be collected in lectures.


  • Midterm 32%
  • Final Exam 32%
  • Homeworks 36%

    Graduate students will be asked to do extra problem(s) on the tests and homeworks and/or a project.

    MAKE UP TESTS: No make up tests.

    Unexcused test absences result in a score of zero for the missing test. Excused absences require extenuating circumstances and advance notice; the missing grade will be replaced by the Final Exam grade.

    Note: The course syllabus provides a general plan for the course; deviations may be necessary.

    Academic Honesty: The Departemnt Policy applies: see overleaf.