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Yu Zhao (赵瑜)

Ph.D. student & Research Assistant

Email: zhaoyu(at)uga.edu
Department of computer science, the University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA

PDF version of my CV is available here:[pdf].

I'm currently pursuing my Ph.D. degree under Prof. Tianming Liu's supervision at the Computer Science department in the University of Georgia and working as a research assistant in CAID lab

My research interests focus on brain functional network analysis, using computer science techniques including big data solutions, machine learning and deep learning please feel free to contact me!


Bachelor of Control Science and Engineering
Thesis: Simultaneous Multi-frame Super-resolution Restoration (image processing)
@Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China


Ph. D. student of Science
Research Assitant
@Department of Computer Science, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA

My research interests focus on applying Computer Science techniques into diferent research field, especailly on neuroimaging field.

Computer Science Techniques used:

Big Data solutions: including hadoop, spark

Machine Learning Algorithms:clustering, dictionary learning and sparse coding

Deep Learning: deep neural network models, deep convolutional neural networks(CNN)

Neuroimaging research topics:


brain functional component analysis

brain disease analysis:Autism Spectral Disorder (ASD),
Alzheimer's Disease(AD)


  1. Constructing fine-granularity functional brain network atlases via deep convolutional autoencoder

    Yu Zhao, Qinglin Dong, Hanbo Chen, Armin Iraji, Yujie Li, Milad Makkie, Zhifeng Kou, Tianming Liu Medical Image Analysis, 2017. vol. 42, pp 200-211

  2. Automatic Recognition of fMRI-derived Functional Networks using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks

    Yu Zhao, Qinglin Dong, Shu Zhang, Wei Zhang, Hanbo Chen, Xi Jiang, Lei Guo, Xintao Hu, Junwei Han, Tianming Liu IEEE TBME, 2017. vol.pp(99), pp 1-1

  3. Connectome-scale Group-wise Consistent Resting-state Network Analysis in Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Yu Zhao*, Hanbo Chen*, Yujie Li, Jinglei Lv, Xi Jiang, Fangfei Ge, Tuo Zhang, Shu Zhang, Bao Ge, Cheng Lyu, Shijie Zhao, Junwei Han, Lei Guo, Tianming Liu NeuroImage: Clinical, 2016. vol.12, pp 23-33

Conference Proceedings

  1. Template-guided Functional Network Identification via Supervised Dictionary Learning

    Yu Zhao*, Xiang Li*, Milad Makkie, Shannon Quinn, Binbin Lin, Jieping Ye, Tianming Liu, ISBI, 2017, DOI: 10.1109/ISBI.2017.7950471

  2. 3D Functional Brain Network Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks

    Dehua Ren*, Yu Zhao*, Hanbo Chen, Qinglin Dong, Jinglei Lv, Tianming Liu, ISBI, 2017, DOI: 10.1109/ISBI.2017.7950736

  3. A Novel Framework for Groupwise Registration of fMRI Images based on Common Functional Networks

    Yu Zhao*, Shu Zhang, Hanbo Chen, Wei Zhang, Jinglei Lv, Dinggang Shen, Tianming Liu, ISBI, 2017, DOI: 10.1109/ISBI.2017.7950566

Coauthored Papers

  1. HAFNI-Enabled Largescale Platform for Neuroimaging Informatics (HELPNI)

    Milad Makkie, Shijie Zhao, Xi Jiang, Jinglei Lv, Yu Zhao Bao Ge, Xiang Li, Junwei Han, Tianming Liu Brain Informatics, 2015. vol. 2(4), pp. 1-17

  2. Optimization of Large-scale Mouse Brain Connectome via Joint Evaluation of DTI and Neuron Tracing Data

    Hanbo Chen, Tao Liu, Yu Zhao Tuo Zhang, Yujie Li, Meng Li, Hongmiao Zhang, Hui Kuang, Lei Guo, Joe Tsien, Tianming Liu NeuroImage, 2015. vol. 115, pp. 202 - 213.

  3. Supervised Dictionary Learning for Inferring Concurrent Brain Networks

    Shijie Zhao, Junwei Han, Jinglei Lv, Xi Jiang, Xintao Hu, Yu Zhao Bao Ge, Lei Guo, Tianming Liu IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 2015. vol. 34(10), pp. 2036-45.

  4. Construct and Assess Multimodal Mouse Brain Connectomes via Joint Modeling of Multi-scale DTI and Neuron Tracer Data

    Hanbo Chen, Yu Zhao Tuo Zhang, Hongmiao Zhang, Hui Kuang, Meng Li, Joe Z. Tsien, Tianming Liu MICCAI, LNCS, 2014. vol. 8675, pp. 273-280.

Programming: C, C++, Java, Python, Matlab
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux (bash scripts), System Administrator, Computing cluster Setup (docker)
Data mining and database: Hadoop, Spark, MySQL
Brain Imaging related skills: fsl, paraview, MRIcro, Visualization Tookit (VTK)

Related Projects:
  • Group-wise consistent brain functional networks identification with an application in autism spectrum disorder

    Used Apache Spark performing high-speed feature metric computing
    Analysis of brain functional networks in ASD with comparisons to control subjects.

  • “Dawg-trades”: UGA On-Line Auctioning System

    Software development experience
    Master skills in HTML design, jsp and database programing.

  • Parallel Mante Carlo Algorithm for High Dimensional Integration

    Implemented parallel computing using Apache Hadoop
    Achieved high accuracy for Mante Carlo Algorithm with less computing time

  • Functional connectivity based brain region parcellation

    Analyzed vtk files for brain fiber tracking.
    Explored brain functional connectivity using medical imaging analysis techniques.
    Understood the dictionary learning or sparse coding techniques and applied to medical imaging analysis

  • Science and Arts are my dreams since my childhood. Now science part becomes my major, while arts part never lost its pace in my life. I'm enthusiast in classical piano and all categories of photography.

    classical piano training since 2000:

    Won awards on international, national(China) and other level of piano performance competitions.

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    Won first place and people's awards on UGA photography competition
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