My Teaching Philosophy

As far as I know, a quality teacher should be knowledgeable, professional, responsible, and willing to be accept, change and improve. But the most important part of teaching is to pass knowledge to students. Besides that, a teacher should also make sure that students can use what they learned to solve problems.

To achieve these two goals, I think, the first step is to communicate with the students. Students are the ones who can give a teacher the most practical suggestion in passing knowledge. Each student has his or her own way of points on what he or she learned. So, we need to communicate with students to make sure if we teach in a right way, especially for a novice as a teacher. No matter how much we prepared before the class, there must be something that out of our mind and we do not put into the plan. The more we talk to students, the more experience we can acquire, and the more efficient our classes are. What is more, get to know the individual difference of each student, can we give them what they need.

And the second step is to attract the students in class. Students always want to pay more attention on the teachers who they like and admire. And they can get a higher score on the classes which they pay more attention to than the others. Usually, the instructors may play an important role on leading the students to the subjects they teach. So, attract the students' attention on us is the most efficient way to make them acquire more knowledge in the class. On the other hand, it is easier to interact with the students when they focus on us.

Moreover, we should also motivate the students. A teacher is not just a knowledge passer, but a guide on the subject. We cannot only apply what they want to the students, but also inspire them, make them consider the reason and seek information on the questions. Someone said that what we have learned in school is not the knowledge we acquired, but the things that left in our mind when forget all of the knowledge. I think it is the ways that we usually use to solve problems. And the ways are formed by the motivation of the teachers. Accordingly, students will not just do well in the exams, but also can use what they learned to deal with the problems that the teacher has not mentioned. In order to motivate the students, I think, a teacher should show his/her passion to the job and the expectation on them. What is more, the teacher should also encourage students to be confident even they got a bad score while work very hard.

A good teacher should also improve himself/herself at any time. It is a fact that the more knowledge we acquire on the subject, the deeper understanding we have on it. As a result, the teacher could make the problems easier to solve when teaching the students, which can make the class efficiency. A teacher should also change different ways to teach so that to find a better way and get more experience on teaching.