Workflow Management and Modeling in METEOR:
The WebWork Enactment Service

This work involves the design and prototype implementation of Workflow Management Systems (WfMSs) as well as issues involved in the modeling of workflows. WFMSs coordinate, control, monitor workflows consisting of automated/semi-automated tasks and the information flowing between them. Our project addresses several open issues: transactional workflows, interoperability via CORBA and/or Java, familiar easy-to-use interfaces (Web browsers), multiple WfMS architectures, an easy-to-use graphical design tool, application to the healthcare domain, and multi-paradigm workflows.

WebWork is a purely Web-based WfMS Enactment Service developed by the University of Georgia's LSDIS Lab (Sheth, Miller, Kochut and students). It is part of the METEOR project whose purpose is to develop multi-enterprise workflows supporting transactional subworkflows. WebWork creates workflow applications from designs created using the METEOR Designer (MTD) . Other components of the METEOR project include OrbWork (a CORBA-based complement to WebWork) and METEOR Repository (MTR). See the LSDIS Library for futher information.

Bioinformatics Applications


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    Long Version (Postscript)

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    Prototype Implementation: Javadoc Documentation .

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