Maria Hybinette
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science
415 Boyd GSRC
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-7404

office: 219C Boyd
email: maria {at} cs.uga.edu
phone: please use email

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Mostafa Ads MS. 2016 - Intelligent Agents
Steven Shlossman UG. 2016 - Multi-user Gaming.
Chris Hodges UG. 2016 - Moblile platform Gaming.
Avery Horton UG. 2015 - 2D/3D Mixed Game.
David Herald UG.
Cookie Crumble (mobile)
Jan-Henrik Saily UG.
Crystal Forming (Topology) Swarms
Dylan Daniel UG, Graduated. Dynamic Game Generation.
Michael Moldoveanu UG, Graduated. Random Forrests and Learning.
Jonathan Bruce UG, Graduated. Gravity Puzzlers
Terrance Medina MS, Graduated 2015. Decision Making & Multi-Agent Simulation

Cole Sherer

PhD, In progress Adaptive Multi Agent Based Simulation for Financial Markets and Social Animal Research

Yin Xiong

PhD, Graduated Transparent & Dynamic Block-Caching in Distributed Simulation

Siva Ganesan

MS, Graduated. Forests of Trees with Regression Leaves: A Fast and Accurate Learning Method for Large & High Dimensional Data Sets
After graduation: Oracle

Abhishek Gupta

MS, Graduated. Adaptive Message Clustering for Distributed Agent Based Systems
After graduation: NCR

Jaim Ahmed

MS, Graduated. Improving on the efficience of the KNN instance based learning algorithm using Clustering & Caching.
After graduation: PARTNER Software
Tianhao He MS, Graduated. Interest Manager Mechanisms for Distributed Multi-Agent Based Simulations
After graduation: WMware
George Vulov UG, Graduated.

Parallel Simulation/Agent Kernel
After graduation: Georgia Tech PhD student

Shaun Pedicini UG, Graduated. Distributed Simulated Web Games
Abhishek Agarwal MS, Graduated. Merging Parallel Simulation Programs
After graduation: NCR
Daniel Reed UG, Graduated. Distributed Traffic Simulator
After graduation: Blizzard Entertainment (Swingin' Ape Studios)
Abhishek Chugh MS, Graduated. Towards Adaptive Caching for Discrete Event Simulation
After graduation: Deloitte Consulting, Verisign Inc.
Vinay Sachdev MS, Graduated. Overcoming over-optimism in Time Warp via aggregation of fast processes
After graduation: Aribia Inc., EMC Corporation.