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PEO Policy

Policy for Periodic Review and Revision of the Program Educational Objectives (i & ii) and Student Outcomes (a-k)

Department of Computer Science
The University of Georgia

Every three years, an agenda item shall be made for a one-hour discussion for the faculty of the Department of Computer Science to review and revise, as applicable, the program educational objectives (i & ii) and student outcomes (a-k). Prior to the meeting, the Assessment Committee will solicit and document feedback from core constituent groups (students enrolled in the BS-CS program at UGA, students who have completed the BS-CS degree, and corporations, individuals, and commercial enterprises who hire graduates of the BS-CS program) regarding the program educational objectives and prepare a recommendation to the faculty.

In addition, prior to the meeting, the Assessment Committee will work with the Curriculum Committee to review the student outcomes (a-k) and prepare a report listing any potential revisions. The Assessment Committee will review the current ABET Computing Accreditation Criteria (CAC) and request feedback from the Curriculum Committee on the fulfillment of student outcomes (a-k) via the course outcomes provided by direct assessment.

Minutes from the discussion at the meeting shall be taken and archived.

Adopted 3/1/2013

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences