Note: If you are a student and your interests are similar to some of my research interests and if you are interested in joining my lab, please come and visit me to discuss your background and academic and research objectives. I am always looking for dedicated and motivated students to work with me on exciting projects.

Students who are currently members of my lab

Amitabh Priyadarshi, Ph.D. student

Amitabh is beginning his doctoral research in the area of parallel SPARQL query processing and dynamic RDF graph partitioning. Amitabh is expected to graduate in 2017.

Seyedamin Pouriyeh, Ph.D. student

Amin has been working on security and privacy of ontologies.

Chatali Patel, M.S. student

Chatali has been working on text mining and desining and developing an NLP and ontology-based text mining system. Chatali is expected to graduate in 2016.

Arsham Mesbah, M.S. student

Arsham has been working on distributed SPARQL query processing and RDF data set partitioning. He is currently at Microsoft.

Abbas Keshavarzi, M.S. student

Abbas's goal is to create a comprehensive framework for ontology verification and validation. Frequently, when a new ontology or even its new version has been created, it must be verified and validated. Abbas is expected to graduate in 2017.

Akanksha Chandel, M.S. student

Akanshka has been working on various apsects of querying the Linked Open Data.

Divya Marneni, M.S. student

Akanshka has been working on various apsects of querying the Linked Open Data.

Sreekanth Pinjala, M.S. student

Sreekanth has been working on a novel highly-customizable ontology browser. Sreekanth is expected to graduate in 2016.

Yash Shrivastava, M.S. student

Yash is beginning his research on distributed querying.


Some of the recent graduates from my Lab

Shima Dastgheib, Ph.D., 2016

Currently at Stanford University as a Postodctoral Research Fellow in Biomedical Informatics .

Shima worked on designing and implementing mOntage, a framework for construction of domain ontologies from a variety of available data sources. She also worked on a novel graphical way of formulating SPARQL queries. Furthermore, Shima worked on the development of ProKinO, an ontology integrating a wealth of data on protein kinases.

Mehdi Allahyari, Ph.D., 2016

Currently on faculty in the Computer Science Department at The University of Georgia, as a Lecturer.

Mehdi worked on a variety of tasks in the area of ontology-aided text processing. More specifically, he has worked on training-less, ontology-based text categorization, ontology-aided topic identification, as well as topic labeling. Mehdi is expected to graduate in 2016.

Delaram Rahbarinia, M.S. 2016

Currently at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, in Memphis, TN.

Delaram worked on an RDF storage and motif-based querying of polysaccharides. This was a joint project with Rob Woods and Lachele Foley from CCRC at UGA.

Matthew Eavenson, Ph.D., 2015

Currently at Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., in Charleston, SC.

Matthew worked on Curio, an ontology-aided system for easy organization of scientific experiments and related data. Matthew was also involved in a number of other projects related to glycomics. Most importantly, he has implemented Qrator, a sophisticated system for curating glycan structures.

Shasha (Amy) Liu, Ph.D., 2015

Currently at Sesame Workshop, in New York, NY.

Amy worked on developing a unified, end-to-end framework for modeling, specifying, and executing constraints in web service compositions and workflow systems.

Bhargabi Chakrabarti, M.S., 2015

Currently at Overture Technologies in Washington, DC.

Bhargabi worked on ontology-assisted text mining system. Her system was used to extract mutation impact information from scientific literature.

Reshmi De, M.S., 2015

Currently at Cox Automotive in Atlanta, GA.

Reshmi has been working on a curatorial environment for curating mutation impact information extracted from scientific literature. Her system is currently being used to validate and curate impact of mutations in protein kinases. Reshmi is expected to graduate in May, 2015.