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Computer Science Area of Emphasis (optional)

Starting with Computer Science majors graduating in Spring 2007, each Computer Science major may declare one of the following areas of emphasis.

The area of emphasis does not replace the previous required Computer Science classes, but just structures your major electives into a more coherent theme. Declaring an area of emphasis should not increase the number of credit hours you need for your degree.

Area F requirements: The CSCI Area F requirements have not changed.

Required major courses: These have not changed. Every Computer Science major must take:

  • CSCI 4720, Computer Architecture;
  • An application design course, either CSCI 4370 (Databases) or CSCI 4050 (Software Engineering);
  • A systems design course, one of CSCI 4570 (Compilers), CSCI 4730 (Operating Systems), or CSCI 4760 (Networks).

Areas of Emphasis: Each student, in consultation with his or her advisor, will choose one of the following areas and fulfill the requirements in this area. Note that these courses may overlap with the requirements above, but each student must earn at least 24 credit hours of upper-division Computer Science classes to graduate.

•  Computer Systems: at least 12 hours of courses taken as electives from the following:

Operating Systems (CSCI 4730),
Computer Networks (CSCI 4760),
Computer Security (CSCI 4250),
Compilers (CSCI 4570),
LSI System Design (CSCI 4750),
Distributed systems (CSCI 4780).

• Software design: at least 12 hours of courses taken as electives from the following:

Software Engineering (CSCI 4050),
Database Management (CSCI4370),
Compilers (CSCI 4570),
Programming Languages (CSCI 4500),
Simulation and Modeling (CSCI 4210).

• Computational Science and Visualization: at least one course taken as elective from each of the following three groups (total at least 12 hours):

Numerical methods and computing (CSCI 4140),
Numerical Simulations in Science and Engineering (CSCI 4150).

Computer graphics (CSCI 4810),
Human computer interaction (CSCI 4800).

Modeling and Simulation (CSCI 4210),
Algorithms (CSCI 4470),
Algorithms for Computational Biology (CSCI 4490).

•  Internet and Information Technology: at least 12 hours of courses taken as electives from the following:

Web Programming (CSCI 4300),
Global Information Systems (CSCI 4350),
Database Management (CSCI 4370),
AI & the Web (CSCI 4330).

•  Theoretical Computer Science : at least 12 hours of courses including Algorithms (CSCI 4470) and the remainder taken as electives from the following:

Introduction to Linear Algebra (MATH 3000),
Algorithms for Computational Biology (CSCI 4490),
Introduction to Quantum Computation (CSCI (MATH)(PHYS) 4612),
Combinatorics ((CSCI)(MATH) 4670),
Graph Theory ((CSCI)(MATH) 4690).

•  Artificial Intelligence (AI): at least 12 hours of courses including Introduction to AI (CSCI 4550) and the remainder taken as electives from the following:

Game programming (CSCI 4070),
Robotics (CSCI 4530),
Symbolic programming (CSCI 4540),
Evolutionary computation (CSCI 4560),
Human Computer Interaction (CSCI 4800).

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