My current research interests include semantic web, crowdsourcing and collective intelligence, information fusion and biomedical informatics. My research focuses on developing new semantic-based techniques for providing better information integration, search and knowledge discovery experiences for the web users. This research direction is critical for building the next generation of web, called semantic web.

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The dream of the web was to create a human communication and collaboration platform for sharing knowledge and enabling a universal space for information and services. We all are now much more connected, and in turn face new resulting problems: service and information overload caused by insufficient support for information selection, organization and collaboration. The semantic web, by providing standards for formulating and distributing metadata and ontologies, enables means for information organization and selective access.

I have led or participated in development of many grant proposals on these subjects since 2001, and played a key role in making the Large Scale Distributed Information Systems (LSDIS) Lab of UGA Computer Science Department, a leading institution in the semantic web area in collaboration with my colleagues at the LSDIS Lab. My research was funded by grants from National Science Foundation (NSF), and Advanced Research and Development Activity (ARDA). In addition, I have published results of my research accomplishments in seventy peer-reviewed papers.