PhD Students
Xin (Frank) Wang in progress
Samir Tartir Ontology-Driven Question Answering and Ontology Quality Evaluation (Thesis, Talk)
Last known position: Assistant Professor, Philadelphia University, Jordan.
Boanerges Aleman-Meza Ranking Documents based on Relevance of Semantic Relationships (Thesis, Talk)
Last known position: Research Professor, Polytechnic University of Victoria, Mexico.

MS Students
Jianan (Johnny) Chu in progress
Kitae Myong in progress
Priya Wadhwa Semantic Matchmaking and Ranking of Medical Literature (Thesis, Talk) 2012
Asmita Rahman Semantic Retrieval and Distribution of Relevant Medical Knowledge (Thesis, Talk) 2011
Kapil Goenka Mobile Web Search Personalization Using Ontological Profile (Thesis, Talk) 2009
Sheng Yin A Pattern-Based Annotation Approach: An Ontology-Driven Rote Extractor for Pattern Disambiguation (Thesis, Talk) 2009
Bobby McKnight From a Genome Database to a Semantic Knowledge Base (Thesis, Talk)
Last known position: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA.
Delroy Cameron SEMEF: A Taxonomy-based Discovery of Experts, Expertise and Collaboration Networks (Thesis, Talk)
Last known position: PhD Student, Wright State University, Dayton, OH.
David Hooge Extracting and Indexing of Triplet-Based Knowledge Using Natural Language Processing (Thesis, Talk) 2007
Sheron Decker Detection of Bursts and Emerging Trends Towards Identification of Researchers at the Early Stages of Trends (Thesis, Talk) 2007
Joseph E. Hassell, IV Ontology-Driven Automatic Entity Disambiguation in Unstructured Text (Thesis, Talk)
Last known position: Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, MO.
Lin Lin Discovering Semantic Relations between Web Services using Their Pre and Post-Conditions (Thesis, Talk)
Last known position: Senior Software Engineer, Bioinquire, Athens, GA.
Jaymin Kessler Using Genetic Algorithms to Optimize Superpeer Structure in Peer to Peer Networks (Thesis, Talk)
Last known position: Tech Team Programmer, Q-Games, Japan.
Karthikeyan Giriloganat- han Semantic Conflict Detection in Meta-Data – A Rule Based Approach (Thesis, Talk) 2004
Christian Halaschek-Wiener A Flexible Approach for Ranking Complex Relationships on the Semantic Web (Thesis, Talk)
Last known position: Chief Technology Officer, Clados Management LLC, San Francisco, CA.
Ruoyan Zhang Ontology-Driven Web Services Composition Techniques (Thesis, Talk) 2004
Mullai Shanmuhan Semanta: An Ontology Driven Semantic Link Analysis Framework (Thesis, Talk) 2003