The Sixth IMACS International Conference on

Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Wave Phenomena: Computation and Theory

March 23-26 , 2009

The University of Georgia
Center for Continuing Education
Athens, Georgia


The conference will focus on computational and theoretical aspects of nonlinear wave phenomena. Interdisciplinary aspects of the subject will be emphasized, as well as the interaction between computation, theory and applications.




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The International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation(IMACS), the National Science Foundation(NSF), the University of Georgia(UGA) Research Foundation, the Franklin College of Arts & Sciences and the Computer Science Department at UGA.


* R. Vichnevetsky(USA),( Honorary President of IMACS, Honorary Chair)
* T. Taha(USA), (General Chair and Conference Coordinator)
* G. Biondini(USA),(Co-Chair)
* J. Bona(USA),(Co-Chair)


Scientific Program Committee:
Mark Ablowitz (USA) Nail Akhmediev (Australia)
Gino Biondini (USA) Andy Ludu (USA)
Jerry Bona (USA) Brian Straughan (UK)
John Carter(USA) Min Chen (USA)
Dmitry Pelinovsky(Canada) Constance Schober (USA)
Thiab Taha (USA) Jianke Yang (USA)
Walter Craig (Canada) Robert Vichnevetsky (USA)
Panayotis Kevrekidis (USA) Boris Malomed (Israel)
Pedro Jordan (USA) Yuji Kodama (USA)  
David Kaup (USA) Jared Bronski (USA)  
Roy Choudhury(USA) Demetrios Christodoulides(USA)  
Christo Christov(USA) Thanasis Fokas (UK)  
Greg Forest (USA) Gregor Kovacic (USA)  
Philippe Guyenne(USA) Bernard Deconinck(USA)  
Frederic Dias (France) Emilian Parau (UK)  
Vassilios Dougalis (Greece) David Nicholls (USA)  
Robert Buckingham (USA) Jeffery DiFranco(USA)  
Kenichi Maruno (USA) Zhijun Qiao(USA)  
William Kath(USA) Richard Kollar(USA)  
Alex Himonas(USA) David Trubatch(USA)  
Henrik Kalisch (Norway) Sarbarish Chakravarty (USA)  
David Cai (USA) Peter Miller (USA)  
Paul Bennett (USA) Jennifer Gorsky (USA)  
Prabir Daripa (USA) M. F. Mahmood (USA)  
Ricardo Carretero(USA) Otis Wright (USA)  
Harvey Segur (USA) Boa-Feng Feng (USA)  


Keynote Speakers:
* Alan Newell (USA), "Fibonacci patterns in annular geometries"
* Nail Akhmediev (Australia), "Dissipative solitons: general concepts and optical applications"


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Organized Sessions:
* Jerry Bona, Min Chen and Vassilios Dougalis, "Nonlinear Waves"
* Gino Biondini and Bernard Deconinck, "Integrable systems in 2+1 dimensions"
* Christo Christov and Pedro Jordan, "Nonlinear Wave Phenomena in Discrete and Continuous Models"
* Andrei Ludu, "Dynamics of vortex patterns in superconducting materials"
* Alex Himonas and Beatrice Pelloni, "Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Integrable Systems"
*Bao-Feng Feng, Stephane Lafortune, Kenichi Maruno and Daisuke Takahashi, "Discrete and Ultradiscrete Integrable Systems"
* Jarle Berntsen, Philippe Guyenne, Henrik Kalisch and Emilian Parau, "Internal Waves: Interaction with surface waves and bottom topography"
*Ricardo Carretero and Panayotis Kevrekidis, "Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations and its Applications"
* Greg Forest, Qi Wang and Brandon Lindley , "Complex Fluids"
* David Cai and Gregor Kovacic, "Spatiotemporal Coherent Structures in Neuroscience "
* David Cai and Gregor Kovacic, "Nonlinear Dispersive Waves"
* Zoran Grujic and Henrik Kalisch, "Nonlinear PDE in Spaces of Analytic Functions"
* Peter Miller, Jared Bronski and Ken McLaughlin, "Asymptotics of Nonlinear Waves and Related Problems"
* David Nicholls ,"Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Dispersive Wave Equations"
* Yuri Latushkin, "Spectral theory for linearizations of discrete and continuous nonlinear waves"
* Jianke Yang and Taras Lakoba, "Advances in Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Wave Computations"
* Sarbarish Chakravarty and Yuji Kodama, "Two-dimensional solitary waves in shallow water"
* Xu Runzhang and Liu Yacheng , "Family of potential wells and the applications to nonlinear evolution equations"
* Taixi Xu, Wen-Xiu Ma, Zhijun Qiao, Hongyou Wu and Yue Liu, "Recent Development in Soliton Theory"
* John carter, "Mathematical Models of Water Waves"
* Andrei N. Slavin and Mingzhong Wu, "Nonlinear Waves in Magnetic Systems"
* David Ambrose and J. Douglas Wright, "Interfacial Fluid Flows with Applications"
* Alexander Nepomnyashchy, "Controlling Nonlinear Waves"
* Grozdena Todorova and Borislav Yordanov, "Nonlinear Dissipative Equations"
* Grozdena Todorova and Petronela Radu, "Asymptotic Behavior and Regularity for Nonlinear Evolution Equations"


We announce 20 awards in the amount of $500(paid towards registration fee and accommodations) each to support student participation in the conference. In addition, the three best student papers will also receive a diploma.
Student wishing to compete for these awards should submit a two-page summary of their work, together with a two-page Vitae, to Thiab Taha at The deadline for submissions is November 03, 2008. The Awards will be announced December 23, 2008.


* Boris Dubrovin(Italy), "Hamiltonian PDEs and their solutions"
*William Kath and Gino Biondini(USA), "Theory and Simulation of Randomly Driven Nonlinear Waves"
Kath_Biondini_tutorial: Tutorial
*Jianke Yang (USA), "Computing solitary waves of nonlinear wave equations"
Yang_tutorial: Tutorial
* Min Chen (USA), "Water wave modeling: theory and simulation"
Chen_tutorial: Tutorial
Deconinck_tutorial: Tutorial
* Yuji Kodama (USA), "Shallow Water Waves: Theory, Simulation and Experiments"
Kodama_tutorial: Tutorial


Submissions and Proposals
The Scientific Program will consist of organized sessions, regular papers(30 minutes), and keynote papers(50 minutes).
Proposals to organize sessions are solicited. Session organizers are to invite authors to present papers in their sessions. Those interested in organizing a Session should send an informal proposal(even before inviting speakers in order to prevent duplications) to the Scientific Program Committee in care of Thiab R. Taha( as soon as possible.

For Session Organizers: Please provide a short abstract for your session, together with the title, speakers' names, and titles of their papers by November 03, 2008. (Proposals for sessions submitted after this date will be considered subject to the constraints of available time in the program). A final title, complete address for each one of the speakers including their Tel. #, Fax #, and e-mail, will be needed by January 09, 2009.

Each session is in principle 3 hours long. It is organized as 6 HALF HOUR papers. (Additional papers in a session may, if there is space, accommodated as "follow up" elsewhere in the program, or as "PART II of the Session.)

Abstracts for the talks included in your session should be submitted by February 06, 2009. The abstract must be submitted using the "EasyChair" software: EasyChair. Please note that only one presentation per registered person is allowed.


Contributed Papers

Prospective authors are invited to submit an abstract no more than one page in length by November 14, 2008. (Late submission may be considered if there is space available in the program). The abstract should include : title of the paper, name, affiliation, postal address and when possible e-mail address, telephone number, and Fax number. Acceptance date: December 23, 2008.


Poster Papers

Prospective authors are invited to submit an abstract no more than one page in length by November 14, 2008. (Late submission may be considered if there is space available in the program). The abstract should include : title of the paper, name, affiliation, postal address and when possible e-mail address, telephone number, and Fax number. Acceptance date: December 23, 2008.



Contributed and poster papers will be reviewed by members of the Scientific Program Committee. Organized sessions will be approved by the Scientific Program Committee. Papers accepted in these sessions will be reviewed by the Session organizer and/or external reviewers.



A Book of Abstracts will be published. Abstracts should be submitted in a camera-ready form (using 12 point or larger fonts) and can ONLY be one page in length. The abstract should begin with the title of the paper, each author's name, affiliation, and an e-mail address, and then the text of the abstract. Use TEX or similar formatting program and leave a 1-inch margin on each side. The LaTex file of your abstract and one copy should also be mailed to Thiab R. Taha.

A representative collection of contributions from the conference will be published as regular journal articles in a Special Issue of the IMACS Journal: "Mathematics and Computers in Simulation" (published by Elsevier) .


* Proposals for organized sessions: November 03, 2008
* Submission for the Awards: November 03, 2008
* Submission of contributed and poster papers(one page abstract): November 14 , 2008
* Notification of acceptance: December 23, 2008
* One page Abstract in camera-ready form: February 06, 2009.


Conference Schedule

Participants can pick up their registration materials on Sunday, March 22, 2009 between 5:00 - 7:00 pm. Registration
will be followed by a reception from 5:00-7:00 pm. Registration will also be open on Monday March 23, 2009 from 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. Formal sessions will begin on Monday, March 23 at 8:00 am. The conference banquet is planned for Tuesday, March 24, 2009 at 7:00 pm.


All persons planning to participate in the conference should complete and return the registration form to the Georgia Center for Continuing Education. The basic registration fees is $350.00 if postmarked by February 06, 2009, and includes a Book of Abstracts, an opening reception, and lunch and refreshment breaks each conference day. Registration fees for students is $200.00 if postmarked by February 06, 2009. A $50.00 late charge is assessed for registration fees postmarked after the February 06, 2009, deadline. Note: Registration forms will be available in December 12, 2008 on the Georgia Center for Continuing Education Website.
Banquet: There will be a Banquet with a guest speaker on Tuesday, March 24, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. (The cost is $45.00)

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