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Computer Science Course Syllabi

Click on the course number to see a syllabus

Courses in red will be offered Spring 2006

CSCI 1100-1100L Introduction to Personal Computing
CSCI 1210 Introduction to Computational Science
CSCI 1301-1301L Introduction to Computing and Programming
CSCI 1302 Software Development
CSCI 1730 Systems Programming
CSCI 1900 Computer Science Special Topic
CSCI(MATH) 2610 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
CSCI 2670 Introduction to Theory of Computing
CSCI 2720 Data Structures
CSCI 4050/6050 Software Engineering
CSCI 4070/6070 Game Programming (note: this course appears as CSCI 4900/6900, call no. 06675/26676)
CSCI 4140/6140 Numerical Methods and Computing
CSCI 4150/6150 Scientific Computation
CSCI 4210/6210 Simulation and Modeling
CSCI 4300 Web Programming
CSCI 4350/6530 Global Information Systems
CSCI 4370/6370 Database Management
CSCI 4470/6470 Algorithms
CSCI 4490/6490 Algorithms for Computational Biology
CSCI 4500/6500 Programming Languages
CSCI(ARTI) 4530/6530 Introduction to Robotics
CSCI(ARTI) 4540/6540 Symbolic Programming
CSCI(PHIL) 4550/6550 Artificial Intelligence
CSCI 4560/6560 Evolutionary Computation and Its Applications
CSCI 4570/6570 Compilers
MATH(CSCI) 4670/6670 Combinatorics
MATH(CSCI) 4690/6690 Graph Theory
CSCI 4720 Computer Architecture and Organization
CSCI 4730/6730 Operating Systems
CSCI 4760/6760 Computer Networks: Technology and Applications
CSCI 4770/6770 Ubiquitous Computing
CSCI 4800/6800 Human-Computer Interaction
CSCI 4810/6810 Computer Graphics
CSCI 4900/6900 Special Topics in Computer Science
CSCI 4950/6950 Directed Study in Computer Science
CSCI 5007/7007 Internship in Computer Science Business/Industry
CSCI 6300 Web Programming
CSCI 6345 Internet Information Systems
CSCI 6390 Internet Programming Project
CSCI 6610 Automata and Formal Languages
CSCI 6720 Computer Systems Architecture
CSCI 7000 Master's Research
CSCI 7005 Graduate Student Seminar
CSCI 7010 Computer Programming
CSCI 7100 Technical Report
CSCI 7300 Master's Thesis
CSCI 8050 Knowledge-Based Systems
CSCI 8060 Advanced Software Engineering
CSCI 8140 Parallel Processing and Computational Science
CSCI 8220 Parallel and Distributed Simulation
CSCI 8350 Enterprise Integration
CSCI 8370 Advanced Database Systems
CSCI 8380 Advanced Topics in Information Systems
CSCI 8470 Advanced Algorithms
CSCI(LING) 8570 Natural Language Processing Techniques
CSCI 8610 Topics in Theoretical Computer Science
CSCI(PHIL) 8650 Logic and Logic Programming
CSCI 8710 Advanced Topics in Computer Systems
CSCI 8720 Advanced Computer Architecture
CSCI 8730 Software Systems for Parallel and Distributed Computing
CSCI 8750 Advanced VLSI Systems Design
CSCI 8770 Computer-Aided Design
CSCI 8810 Image Processing and Computer Graphics
CSCI 8820 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
CSCI(ENGR) 8940 Computational Intelligence
CSCI(ARTI) 8950 Machine Learning
CSCI 8990 Research Seminar
CSCI 9000 Doctoral Research
CSCI 9005 Doctoral Graduate Student Seminar
CSCI 9300 Doctoral Dissertation


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